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Copy Packages for Small Businesses

Do you need an expert who can write authentic copy for your brand? 

I can help you create copy that reflects your brand and engages your audience.

Take a look at my copy services for small businesses and choose what fits your needs! 


Not ready to commit yet? Try the easy-going Succulent trial and discover what value my copy could add to your product or service for an affordable price.
75 once per client
  • A piece of copy of up to 500 words in a Word or PDF doc
  • excl. SEO or keyword research


Spread your knowledge like the Alocasia spreads...well basically anywhere! A blog on your website can increase your credibility and visibility.
175 per blog article
  • A blog article about a specific topic (incl. 2 revisions)
  • SEO analysis & keyword research
Blog Post


Don't shy away from spreading your message! If you need web copy that fits your brand's personality and increases conversion pick the Pilea package.
187 per page
  • Copy for a page of your website (incl. 2 revisions)
  • SEO analysis and keyword research
Web copy


Share your brand's origin story with the Fern package. We will dig deep into your brand’s core and define what makes you unique. Afterwards, I will write a consistent brand story for you!
375 package price
  • 1 Video call session during which we talk about your brand and goals.
  • An authentic brand story (incl. 2 revisions)
Brand story

All prices are final and no BTW/VAT will be added if you are located in the Netherlands. I am still part of the KOR (Kleine Ondernemersregeling) and do not have to deduct BTW yet. As soon as this changes I will also mention it here on this page and in my quotation.