The Green Minds stands for all the individuals who believe in a better, more sustainable and conscious future.

The Green Minds speaks to businesses and brands that offer services or sell products which actively contribute to a circular economy, the reduction of our carbon footprints and the preservation of our home planet.

Hi, my name is Petra! I am the founder of Green Minds. I was born and raised in Austria, lived in Barcelona for a year until I settled in Amsterdam. I am passionate about sustainability, creative strategies and beautiful content. I love to talk about new ways and ideas on how to preserve and save our planet – preferably in English, Dutch or German!


Five years in fashion communication, marketing and e-commerce revealed the polluting side of this and many other industries to me. That’s why I dedicated my Master’s Thesis to Sustainable Fashion. Now, all I aim for is sharing my skills and knowledge with green and ethical businesses. Together we can make a difference!


Support sustainable businesses with spreading their message through engaging, informative and aesthetic content and help them to make a difference.


I believe that combining an idealistic vision, ethics and a great product with an outstanding content strategy can be invincible. Let’s create a better tomorrow together!