The Story behind the Green Minds

The Green Minds speaks to businesses and brands that offer services or sell products which actively contribute to a circular economy, the reduction of our carbon footprints and the preservation of our home planet.

The Green Minds stands for all the individuals who believe in a better, more sustainable and conscious future.

Hi, nice to meet you!

Are you the owner of a small businesses with a green and social mindset and do you need some help with content marketing? Then, I could be your woman! 

My name is Petra, and I am the founder of the Green Minds. I am specialised in copywriting, content and social media marketing and the communication of sustainability across different channels. 

You are in the right place if

  • you want to grow your business
  • need more time for other tasks 
  • spread your sustainable message even further
profile photo Green Minds founder

My background

Five years in (fashion) communication, marketing and e-commerce revealed the polluting side of this and many other industries to me. That’s why I dedicated my Master’s Thesis to Sustainable Fashion. Now, all I aim for is sharing my skills and knowledge with green and ethical businesses. 


Support sustainable businesses with spreading their message through engaging, informative and aesthetic content and help them to make a difference.


I believe that combining an idealistic vision, ethics and a great product with an outstanding content strategy can be invincible. Let’s create a better tomorrow together!