What are the Green Minds?

The Green Minds stands for all the individuals who believe in a better, more sustainable and conscious future.

This includes all businesses and brands that offer services or sell products which actively contribute to a circular economy, the reduction of our carbon footprints and the preservation of our home planet.

Are you a small business owner with a green and social mindset and are looking for some help with content, copy and social media? 

Awesome! Together we can work on spreading your message. 

The Mind behind the Green Minds

Hey there, I’m Petra!

I love pretty words, green plants and ethical brands. So, I decided to combine those three and help small businesses that care to find their voice.

Digging deep to the core of your brand and refreshing its soil by using the magic of words makes me happy – add some creativity and strategic thinking to that and my brain is jumping from excitement! 

I am specialised in copywriting, content marketing and social media marketing for sustainable businesses. 

You are in the right place if

  • you want to refresh the soil of your brand 
  • you want to seed the right words to spread your message even further
  • you need a strategic and creative mind to help you repot and restructure
Petra from the Green Minds sitting in a chair and smiling towards camera

My background

I look back at more than six years experience in communication. I started my career working in journalism and PR for international fashion and lifestyle magazines which brought me to digital marketing and later to e-commerce.

In my mid-twenties I realised that I don’t want to work for this polluting industry anymore. This was also the time when I decided to not buy anything new anymore – except if that item came from an ethical and eco-friendly brand.  

My interest and passion for sustainable business models then turned from an Instagram blog to a freelance business. In 2020, I registered Green Minds as a business. 

While I was still employed at a company for eco-friendly home-wear, I could slowly build my client base. In April 2022, I finally took the leap into full self-employment.


I want to support eco-conscious and ethical businesses with spreading their message by helping them to find their authentic voice, spreading engaging and informative content and supporting them growing their business. 


I believe that combining an idealistic vision, ethics and a great product with an outstanding content strategy and the magic of words can be invincible. One day, the Green Minds will be the go-to agency for small sustainable businesses. 

Hands caring for green plant