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Let's save the planet with the help of amazing content!

The Green Minds provides content services to businesses and brands that actively contribute to a circular economy, the reduction of our carbon footprints and the preservation of our home planet.

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Content Strategy

Together, we can find a suitable strategy for your business across multiple channels - with KPI’s to measure and see your success in numbers.

Social Media

Social media and community management is time consuming. I can support you with the content planning, creation and posting for different channels.


Great copy can make such a difference - especially in the communication of sustainability. I offer multichannel copywriting for social, web and mailings.

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Hi, I am Petra!

I am a plant lover, hippie at heart and the founder of the Green Minds. Respecting nature and people has always been a core value of mine. I believe that consciousness and kindness can get us a long way and can make us grow – also while doing business!

The idea for the Green Minds originated, while I was working in fashion e-commerce. Realising that I don’t want to contribute to the pollution of this planet and overconsumption anymore I wrote down the idea. Just a few months later, in May 2020, the Green Minds was a registered business. 

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